Thursday, September 1, 2011

Close But No Cigar

JOE: For most of my early drawings I was stuck on the notion of the orcs having large upper bodies and large hands with elongated arms and short legs, very ape-like. The also had large oversized ears and large meaty heads, overall their proportions were exaggerated. They looked monstrous enough, but didn't feel like the expert and capable soldiers that Stan had created.

STAN: Interesting to see Joe working his way towards an orcs body shape that's both eye-catching and practical. Again, the process of adapting and refining is something we do a lot of over here in the writers' corral. Not so much in terms of physical appearance, perhaps, as consistency in characterization and the dialogue attributed to a book's cast. Writing, like art, works on the iceberg principle- the viewer/reader doesn't get to see the 90% of the process that takes place out of sight.

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