Monday, September 26, 2011

Second Try

JOE: While I was working on my first attempt, I was working on my back up. The idea evolved in my head of an orc walking away from the viewer, right after an exhausting battle, a massive pile of dead bodies in his wake. My editor thought this might make a great back cover illustration, so I continued with the concept.

JOE: My finished version was the book designers favorite, but wanted to see a version with the orc looking back over his shoulder at the viewer. To be continued…

STAN:  See?  I've become "Nicholas" in this version.  Had to happen.  I rather liked the idea of having the figure with his back to us.  It kind of breaks a rule and is all the more arresting for it.  But I can see the wisdom in having him casting a glance back at us.  The cover's really starting to come together at this point.

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