Monday, September 12, 2011

Ode to Liefeld

JOE: Coilla is one of my favorite characters. But at first she was the bane of my existence. Why? Drawing all of those little knives. Trust me, it was a lot harder than is looks. It took me forever to get a handle on all those knives. 
(Arrrggg, again with the terrible puns, sorry I can'y help myself.)

JOE: Let's flash back to the early nineties, the most famous and in turn the most highly paid comic book artists of his time was at the height of his career, Rob Liefeld, and you'd be hard pressed to find a drawing of his without at least one sword and maybe even a couple knives in it, and let's not forget the pouches, the many many pouches. His characters always had a abundant amount of ammunition. Suffice it to say, his art left an impression on me and I too wanted Coilla to be equipped with as many knives as she needed. I wanted people to look Coilla and say, "Damn! that's a lot of knives!" In the same way comic readers in the nineties were impressed by the size of Cable's gun.  For years now, Mr. Liefeld has been criticized for over-arming his characters, among other complaints. Now whether or not I was successful in steering clear of the same folly I will leave up to you the reader.

STAN:  There's a practical point here.  An orcs warband like the Wolverines is a comparatively small, highly mobile unit that has to be ready to travel, and fight, at short notice.  Flexibility is the key.  Which means they have to carry everything they need with them, and that very much includes the tools of their trade: a variety of weapons.  Modern soldiers tote an equally impressive amount of kit.  So Rob Liefeld was tackling this problem in his own decorative way.  I gave Coilla arm-sheaths to carry her knives in, which struck me as a practical solution, if not exactly cutting edge.  (Sorry.  I have a weakness for puns, too.)  

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