Tuesday, September 20, 2011


JOE:  Haskeer is the one orc character that went through the least amount of changes, through the entire process, his basic design is unchanged. The proportions vary, but the squat nose, heavy brow and cleft chin (not naturally occurring, I've always pictured him taking a axe blade to the chin) remains consistent. The mace was also an early decision, but the type of mace, even up to today, varies from drawing to drawing. (Although in the graphic novel I went with Haskeer wielding two smaller ones for throwing). Haskeer is essentially orc prime, and all of my other orcs are variations, or at times deviations from him.

 STAN:  Yeah, orc prime - I like that.  Judging by readers' feedback, Haskeer's one of the most popular characters.  You might think that's odd, given his tendency to act like an insensitive oaf and the fact that he's not exactly the sharpest sword in the scabbard.  But somehow there's something endearing about him.  I've a soft spot for the big chump myself.  

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