Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Unlikely Allies

JOE:  In the orcs home of Maras-Dantia, there is an unsteady balance between all of the races that inhabit his world. Most of them have an prejudice towards the orcs, but some have more of an uneasy alliance because they have a mutual enemy, the Unis. Some of these more friendly races include; centaurs, gremlins, pixies, humans of the Mani faith, and elves( elves aren't know to be warriors but I came up with a hypothetical elf warrior anyway). And also a golbin/elf hybrid called a brownie, know for their skill as dragon riders. There's a lot of intermingling of races within Maras Dantia, some of it is done with magic, I assume the rest is done the old-fashioned way.

STAN:  The story's setting, Maras-Dantia, teems with diverse life.  A task I set myself was to give some kind of role to virtually every mythical, legendary and imaginary race or creature I could think of - though admittedly some of the more obscure ones have only walk on parts.  (In some cases slither, flap or creep on parts.)  In such a varied society there's bound to be a lot of conflict, giving ample opportunities for drama.  There would also be the making and breaking of alliances, and a great deal of political maneuvering.  So it's a continuously shifting situation.  But there is one constant.  Just about everybody  hates the orcs.

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