Thursday, October 6, 2011


JOE:  Both Nyadds and Sirens seem to conjure the same nautical feeling so I've grouped them together. There's no mention or appearance of Nyadds in the Orcs graphic novel, so I have very little sketch-wise. The sirens show up, but there appearance is brief.

STAN:  Joe's nyadds are great, but his sirens excel.  Very sexy.  You could imagine being irresistibly drawn to their rock even if they didn't make an enticing sound.  Readers of the orcs graphic novel, which is original and separate from the series of orcs prose novels, will realize that Joe's illustrations of the nyadds, the bounty hunters, the brownies and some other characters here in the sketchbook are based on events in the novels, not the graphic novel.  That he chose to sketch characters that wouldn't appear in the graphic novel - to get his eye in, so to speak - shows his dedication to the project.

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