Monday, October 3, 2011

Dragons Ect.

JOE:  I was tempted to do an entry just about dragons, but they're not really a focus in any of the Orcs novels I've read. From the orcs perspective, they are just another weapon in Jennesta's arsenal. They're used, similar to the way airplanes are used in modern warfare, as tactical support to ground troops when they need a to incinerate a target from above. I've also thrown in a griffin, a hippogriff and an enchanted mechanical giant, know as a Watcher.

STAN:  The dragons in the orcs series are formidable but unreliable, in a bull-in-a-china-shop sense.  They're just as likely to clumsily incinerate friends as burn foes to a crisp.  The only ones that really have an empathy with them, and can control them (more or less) are the race of brownies.  Potentially, this gives the brownie dragon-riders a great deal of power, though being generally placid folk they rarely exercise it unwisely.  The Wolverines have a certain sympathy for hippogryphs and their ilk because, like orcs, they tend to be feared and despised.  Not that the orcs are above hunting them when food's short. 

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