Saturday, October 8, 2011

Two-Faced Little Pricks

JOE:  This is how Haskeer refers to goblins, when he learns his war-band will be responsible for escorting a group of them in order to test a new weapon for use in Jennesta's war with the Unis. This is the focal plot point of the Orcs, Forged for War. Even though the orcs are supposed to protect them, the goblins are still hostile towards the war-band and this is the source of most of the conflict in the book. The long road they have to travel is full of danger, and these mean-spirited, petty and secretive lil' sons of bitches don't make it easy for Stryke and his Wolverines.

STAN:  Haskeer has a way with words.  When he isn't involved in slaughter he's busy working on a book of etiquette.  As should be apparent by now, just about everybody's hands are turned against the orcs.  But if they have a particular set of antagonists - apart from rapacious humans, of course - it's goblins.  The animosity between the two races goes back a long way.  Part of it stems from their widely divergent natures.  Where orcs are plain-speaking to and beyond the point of bluntness, goblins are duplicitous; they revel in meanness of spirit, whereas orcs recognise a code of honour, however crude; goblins derive pleasure from sadism, while orcs favour a clean kill.  The two are oil and water.  And oil burns on water.

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