Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cold Blooded

STAN:  Kobolds come from German folklore, where they're traditionally depicted as household spirits who help with domestic chores but can be malicious.  Their natural state is as invisible entities capable of manifesting in human and animal form.  When aping humans they usually appear as small, dwarf-like creatures.  I left out the invisibility and shape-changing stuff and focused on the malignancy of their nature.  In the world of Maras-Dantia, kobolds act a bit like organised packs of rats, or hyenas.  They'd rate low in any popularity contest.

JOE:  The giant lizards that the race known as Kobolds use a s pack animals were just awesome to draw. At the time I also had a pair of leopard geckos as pets, which I used as reference, sadly i had to give them away when i moved from Brooklyn to Atlanta.  Reptiles don't do to well on 16 hour car rides.  (Note: I never got around to photographing my lizards when i had them, the images of leopard geckos are off the web, i need to get better at taking photos of stuff.)

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