Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hostile Territory

JOE:  Then they are the inhabitants of Maras-Dantia that have crossed paths with the orcs and for whatever reason, they rub each other the wrong way. I don't want to get into the specifics, pick up the first Orcs trilogy if you want to find out the details of how the Wolverines run afoul of trolls, goblins, kabolds and of course, three of my favorite human characters, the three orc bounty hunters. I'm not sure if troglodytes have any issues with orcs. All I know is that they're subterranean dwellers enslaved by the sorceress Jennesta. I just thought they were a good fit for this entry.

STAN:  Having so many different races, creatures and characters in play gives a writer plenty of possibilities to toy with. Of course it gives an artist an equally wide scope, too.  Having to depict all this diversity must have been a challenge for Joe.  But I think he had fun with it.  The orc bounty hunters - which is to say the trio of disreputable humans who hunt orcs for a living - are favorites of mine.  And here we have another rare example, for me, of a character taken from a real person.  One of the three - I'm not going to say which - was based on somebody who did me wrong.  I described this  character almost exactly like the person in question, and I even gave him a very similar name.  I got a lot of pleasure from killing him.  The character, that is, not the real person!  

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